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Saturday, September, 24, 2022
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  100% Environment Friendly
Handmade Paper
  Natural Lokta Paper
  Chemical color dyed paper
  Veg color dyed paper
  Embroidery paper
  Wrinkels paper
Paper Products
  Notebook & Journals
  Photo Album
  Photo Frame
  Stationery set
  Lamp Shade
  Gift Box
  Paper Carry Bag
  Buddhist Paper prayer Flag
  Incencse Box
  Writing pad
  A4 sheet paper
  Greetings Card
  Memo Box
  Nepali motive poster
  Other Products
  Wollen Sweater
  Screen Printed T-Shirt
Contact Us
Thamel Satgoomti, Kathmandu Nepal
GPO BOX: 14210 KTM
Showroom: 977-1-4700611
Factory: 977-1-4890205
E-mail: info@dangolpapercraft.com.np

Welcome to Nepal's one of the large manufacturer and Exporters of Nepalese HandmadeMain Shop paper and paper gift products. DANGOL PAPER CRAFT was established more than 15 years before. Since its establishment it was only a small cottage industry. Then it is growing day by day and let them kept here its own stand now and with registration at government unit. Then it has been played vital role among the handicraft sector. We collect the raw materials (Lokta & Lokta paper) from the rural & urban area of Nepal. During the collection of raw materials, we have engaged those people who are under the line of poverty. From this process we played the role to increase the standard of living to those people. We are providing the employment opportunity mainly to those who are the people of rural & urban area, under the line of poverty. We are providing the employment opportunities for many people.

One of our main goals is to provide quality product with better service and appropriate price. It has been proved as the center for the satisfaction of customer. We are committed to provide quality products & service to our valued customers.

The main objectives of the company are to improve the Nepalese standard of living of rural & urban area of low-income families by providing them more & more employment. And to preserve the traditional paper making techniques handed down by the generations of family artisans. Our motto is to provide qualitative products with better service to our entire valued customers.

Our main feature is since all our products are handmade, we give a lit of employment opportunity to the people not machines. We only produce cent percent handmade products such as:- Notebook & journals, lamp shades, photo Albums, photo frames, calendars, shopping paper bags, Buddhist paper prayer flag, Incense boxes, gift box, pen stand, mirror, tea coasters, greeting cards, business cards, file boxes, writing pads, stationery sets, A4 paper sheets, natural & chemical color dyed gift wrapping paper sheets with printed, flower & seeds etc.
We produce beautiful items in combination of color & design in different sizes. All of items are produced in different sizes as desired.

We are always committed to provide quality products and services to our valued customers. Your satisfaction is our success. Providing quality product with better service and appropriate price is our motto.
Please tell us your requirements and place your order. We have our own cargo services available here. We accept any quantity of order. We also accept sample order. And all of our articles can be customized as desired. We do quick forward/delivery in your destination on time.

Just contact us to begin one more new relationship through traditional business. We would like to invite you to join us in this business with silent social work. We believe even your small investment/spending money will be great support for Nepal, Nepalese society and Nepalese people.
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