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Saturday, September, 24, 2022
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Thamel Satgoomti, Kathmandu Nepal
GPO BOX: 14210 KTM
Showroom: 977-1-4700611
Factory: 977-1-4890205
E-mail: info@dangolpapercraft.com.np
Nepalese Handmade Paper is handmade according to an ancient traditional process that has remained unchanged for more than 2000 years from the inner bark of the Daphne bush which protects the fragile ecological balance of Nepal's forest. Lokta grow/can be found in the high north eastern mountain regions of Nepal from 3500 to 4000 meters altitude. Lokta plant height could have about 3-6 feet. The plant has remarkable regenerative characteristics in every 3-4 years of quickly attaining full growth once it is cut. Thus Lokta production does not affect the fragile forest ecology of Nepal.

The making of paper from bark is a patient, time consuming process. First of all cleaning the bark by sharp knife and soaked in plain water for five to six hours.

After removal cooked in a large vats soaking solution of hot water and soda for 2-3 hours until the solution achieves an even consistency, then it is washed by cold water, after washing it finely pulped by pending it with wooden mallets against stone.

Cotton mash wooden screens are used to collect a thin layer of pulp by sifting them through solution 4-5 times.

The screens are then placed in the sun drying until the layer of bark pulp has dried and the process is completed when a sheet of paper can be peeled from a screen.
This paper is locally known as Nepalese handmade paper, Rice paper and Lokta paper. We are able to provide thick, thin or colored paper and many several gift items with combination of color, size and design as desired.

This paper has been the best paper in Nepal. This paper has high inherent natural resistance to insects, so this paper can be saved for along period.

Lokta paper seems light and smooth fine textured, strong, durable environment-friendly/eco-friendly. This paper made up traditional method, without using any machines and totally acid free. This paper easily foldable without any strip and wrinkle, if has got wrinkles & creases can be ironed out. This paper will not demolishing in the water immediately, and attractive edge of the paper sheet is a main feature of this Handmade Lokta paper. In ancient time, the paper was used for writing Mantras, Sutras & Buddhist epics, the oldest available manuscripts of Hindu and Buddhist texts, Royal edicts and legal documents are centuries old and always having recovered on Nepalese handmade paper and Lokta paper has medical properties used as antiseptic and combined with some local ingredients it maybe applied as a hot compress muscle pain and to stopped blood bleeding.
It is still used for contains of prayer wheels, and Nepalese government official paper. But in the present day, it is also used for artistic purposes and for making exquisite gift items, Due to its unique features, handmade paper is praised and appreciated by users of our products.
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